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Condo management turns to court to get resident to remove unauthorised mezzanine attics (CNA (10 Oct 2023)

However, the High Court found that the condo management had no cause for action and dismissed the application.

Restaurant owners sue for S$10,612 deposit, S'pore court orders them to pay landlord S$62,100 instead (mothership (1 Aug 2023)

The judge found the restaurant owners breached their contract and should compensate the landlord for her loss in rental income.

Wrong for condo shop owner to get reserved seat on management council, rules Strata Titles Board (Straits Times Sep 1, 2022)

Strata Titles Board agreed with the six home owners that the presence of one shop unit did not make the condominium a mixed-use development.

Hillview Heights condo management flagged by security association for discriminatory hiring practices (Straits Times Sep 8, 2021)

In a Facebook post and statement to the press on Monday (Sept 6), the association highlighted clauses of the tender by Savills Property Management

Judge orders condo owner to restore balcony's design (Straits Times Dec 4, 2018)

The High Court has ordered a condo unit owner to reinstate the original design of the balcony area after ruling that her renovations had breached relevant rules and affected the overall aesthetics of the building's facade.

Four staff of waterproofing firm jailed for corruption (Straits Times Dec 16, 2017)

Another four employees of waterproofing services company, TAC Contracts, have been jailed for giving kickbacks to building managers

Seaview condo defects: Residents hit snag (Straits Times Mar 18, 2016)

High Court rules developer, main contractor, architect can use independent-contractor defence

Proxy Votes Limit (BCA)

A person may only be appointed as the proxy holder for either 2% of the total number of lots in the development or 2 SPs, whichever is higher.

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1) Sinking funds tell 'a tale of two cities' (Feb 19, 2020)

One advice for first time condo buyers: ask the seller for the recent AGM booklet. Reading it will give you an excellent idea of how well the place is managed.

2) Condo Maintenace Pitfalls (Dec 9, 2019)

Often we see Council members opting to defer tough decisions in good times. And resigning to fate in bad times.

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