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Red Canu® is a Condo Property Management Company registered in Singapore with the Accounting and Corporate Regulatory Authority (ACRA) of Singapore since 2021. UEN ID 202122341G. Principal Activity Managing Agent. Certified Condo Manager (BCA)

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Condo Property Management

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The biggest advantage of staying in a condo is the economies of scale. However, many condos are not able to realize this due to the lack of understanding by many managers. Many condos lack economies of scale by paying over $300 per month per unit.
Setting of new KPIs for condos and commercial properties so that a clear understanding of the total cashflow is indexed against past utilizations.
Much more is done than analyzing a balance sheet. Portfolio under management $500 million

Condo Water Leaks
We are very effective at stopping all leaks permanently across multiple condos at a low cost.

Condo Management Technology

Condo Technology Use

Technological Advantage.
Leveraging off the best technology to increase productivity. No paper & stamp charges. No meeting charges. No hosting charges. No cloud charges. Our Property Management system uses a Relational Database system to maximize our clients potential in managing properties.
Linux is used because of the high security it offers.
Our systems all protect our clients data with two factor authentification in our cloud based system.
We offer corporate bookkeeping and secretariat services to other managing agents so that companies can be administration lite.

Condo Management Design

Condo Contractor

Design with Property Management
Our strong point.
Multiple projects have been successful because of our strong design included in our property management with no increase in costs and our strict adherence to high quality finish.

Condo Testimonials of Council Members (Published with Permission)

Condo Testimonial 1

15 Jun 2020 Thomas*
Since Red Canu had been the managing agent of Urban Loft condo for close to 4 years, progressive improvements had been achieved to date:
-managed and executed site facelift safely enabling property appreciation.
-continual growth of healthy financial reserve enabling reduction in monthly maintenance fee for all unit owners.
-utilizing energy saving lights to reduce significant power consumption resulting in lower utilities bill.

16 Jun 2020 Robin*
Red Canu has been the managing agent for Coronation Arcade for the past 5 years. During this period, a number of significant improvements were made, one of which was the roof leakages. It was rectified after careful professional surveys and at a very reasonable cost. Another was the outdated fire alarm system. A new system was purchased and installed without a dent to the MCST funds. Red Canu has provided value to all residents here.

Condo Testimonial 2

16 Jun 2020 Geneva*
Mr Leong was asked to take over the management of our condo (around owen road) after we had a bad experience with our previous management company.
I am very satisfied with his management ever since. His response is always prompt, and problems solved in a timely manner. The maintenance and expense control have also been very satisfactory. I would recommend Mr Leong to anyone looking for a responsible management company for their property.

Condo Testimonial 3

2 Nov 2021 Vincy*
Mr Leong and his team (team based in Thomson Road) has been very helpful in finding the leaking issues that caused damages to our study room wall. They tirelessly eliminated one possibility after another to finally getting to the root problem, which was actually caused by the hairline crack on the outside wall of our condos common area.

In gist, they are very professional and responsive in handling our issues, and we truly appreciate their service. Thank you

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